Thursday, November 24, 2011

Reader Challenge: What does Wikipedia programmer Brandon Harris really want?

Loyal followers of Erasable Pen will know that exactly a year ago we conducted a Reader Challenge almost identical to this one, when Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales made his much ballyhooed personal appeal to the masses. Well, this year, Mr. Wales has handed the baton to his programmer Brandon Harris, and once again we're left to wonder what the f*ck these people want.

Instead of following the Wikipedia link to answer this question though, we'd rather hear what you have to say. So, what do YOU think Wikipedia programmer Brandon Harris wants out of this deal? I'll kick things off with my own personal opinion:

I think Brandon Harris wants us to help him complete his collection of Star Wars books from Timothy Zahn's New Jedi Order series.

But that's just my opinion. Now it's time for you to weigh in. Use the comments section to tell us what Wikipedia programmer Brandon Harris is angling for, and we'll use modern science to determine if you're right. Whoever has the most accurate response will win a $25 gift certificate to Sam Goody. OK, ready? Let's do this.


Unknown said...

1) Dream Theater tickets
2) A detail job on his IROC-Z
3) That top-shelf Mountain Dew you hear about but only rich people get to enjoy

Anonymous said...

I don't care what he wants. I just want him to go the hell away. What were they thinking? Did they think putting an angry hippy glaring down like an old beat copy who just caught a gang of punk teenagers smoking a blunt is going to make me want to open my wallet? That's the last thing I'd do. I don't want them to have any way of tracking me.

B-Train said...

a) Less stringent laws against international sex trafficing.
b) Rax to open a location in his neighborhood.
c) His father's respect.
d) A conditioner that won't leave his hair dull and flat.
e) The Highlander: The Complete Series on Blu-ray.

Aaron said...

This, obviously:

julia said...

I think Wikipedia programmer Brandon Harris really wants to talk about how Detroit musical legend Kid Rock inspired his manscape.

Concrete Tomato said...


Paul K said... opinion on what he should wear next. I'm thinking grey t-shirt on top of a long sleeve black t-shirt and a tall belt buckle.