Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reader Challenge: What does Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales really want?

If you've spent any time on Wikipedia lately, you're probably quite familiar with these perfectly-lit photographs of the site's founder Jimmy Wales. Jimmy is making a personal appeal to us, but from the look of these images it's hard to know what exactly he wants. Thankfully, that's what Erasable Pen Reader Challenges are for! What do YOU think Jimmy wants? Please provide your answers in the comments section, preferably in the voice of Jimmy Wales. The winner will receive a free copy of the 2010 Hickory Farms catalog.

To get things started, here's what I think might be on Jimmy's mind:

Do you think I'd make a good high school health teacher?
Please say yes.

I'm thinking of starting a Radiohead cover band.
Is it OK if we practice in your basement?


Antelope Baby Industries said...

My entries:

Do I look like Chris Martin from Coldplay in this profile photo of me? Like, him in 30 years? I do, right?

I'd like to change Wikipedia's logo from a puzzle piece world to a finely detailed drawing of a troll doll. What do you think?

Brian Woz said...

"Call me, Jimmy Wales, for all your home landscaping needs. Let my team of immigrants transform your yard into a horticultural masterpiece. I have two shovels, a dump truck with my name on the side and really strong thighs - my competition can't say that!"


Join me in the fight against Chinese cancer.

Nate said...

"Ladies, nobody knows more than me, if you need proof, look at the website I started. Let me have my way with you, without pressing charges, because you'll lose anyway. Again referring to the importance of my website for proof. So, ladies, my unwanted advances are not harassment, because I'm important. ty-JW"

Jill Aki said...
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Jill Aki said...

skoal - always there in a pinch