Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reader Challenge: If you could name a toilet seat cover company, what would it be called?

I work in a fairly typical office environment, at least for the kind of office that’s located in a business park. We have a nifty access control system, plush grey cubicles, particle board ceilings, and two sets of bathrooms. Now, we all know it’s important to take a break every now and then at work. For the smokers this is easy, but for the non-smokers it can be a little more difficult to come up with ways to relax. I often choose to take some extra time in the bathroom. There’s plenty of good reading material in there, most notably the packaging for the toilet seat covers. For a long while, our office was loyal to a toilet seat cover company with the remarkable name of “Yours Alone.”

But more recently we switched to an upstart outfit called “Rest Assured.” At first I was a bit upset, but then I realized Rest Assured is a pretty amazing name in its own right.

This got me thinking, if I owned a toilet seat cover company, what would I call it? Here are a few quick ideas I came up with:

1. Sit Tight
2. Paper Throne
3. Squat and Deliver
4. It's a Safe Bet Somebody Probably Peed On There TM

Now it’s your turn! Please use the comments section to post your ideas. The winning toilet seat cover name will be featured prominently in a future Erasable Pen blog entry, and its creator will receive a 1-year modeling contract with Clinique along with a full-page photo spread in Seventeen magazine.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Behold the 2008 Special Edition Ronald McDonald Honda Element

Desperate to light a fire beneath the automobile industry’s sagging SUV sales, Honda has unveiled the latest entry to its fleet of all-terrain vehicles – The 2008 Special Edition Ronald McDonald Element.

Starting at $20,990, the Ronald boasts real-time 4-wheel drive, a powerful i-VTEC engine, an innovative Drive-by-Wire TM throttle system, and optional super-sized cup holders. Each Ronald McDonald Element also includes your choice of five Kung Fu Panda action figures.