Monday, June 9, 2008

Behold the 2008 Special Edition Ronald McDonald Honda Element

Desperate to light a fire beneath the automobile industry’s sagging SUV sales, Honda has unveiled the latest entry to its fleet of all-terrain vehicles – The 2008 Special Edition Ronald McDonald Element.

Starting at $20,990, the Ronald boasts real-time 4-wheel drive, a powerful i-VTEC engine, an innovative Drive-by-Wire TM throttle system, and optional super-sized cup holders. Each Ronald McDonald Element also includes your choice of five Kung Fu Panda action figures.


go_Jake said...

I'd like the GPS to give driving directions in Ronald's goofiest clown voice. Also, the airbag should be an inflatable Grimace.

Anonymous said...

Now that they can "text smells" on cellphones, according to an earlier Dan Lurie blog, maybe they can pipe the scent of fries through the air vents in that thing!

Dan Lurie said...

Jake, you're right about the inflatable Grimace. I took another look at the specifications PDF on the Honda website and the Grimace does inflate and hug the driver upon impact.