Monday, August 4, 2008

Making the case for plaid crayons

At a recent Erasable Pen reader picnic, I found myself engaged in the most delightful and enlightening conversation with some of my faithful followers. The topic of our discussion was: Plaid – What is it? Is it a color? Is it an attitude? Is it merely a pattern?

I took the stance that plaid was in fact a color. Not surprisingly, most people agreed with me. But let’s be honest, my readers will pretty much believe anything I say. Later I set out to definitively prove myself right by digging through a Crayola box, but much to my dismay, I was unable to find a plaid crayon.

What, you say? In that entire box of crayons not a single one is dedicated to the color plaid?! Shame on you Crayola. Your oversight is costing kids worldwide the ability to properly fill in their lumberjack and Eddie Vedder coloring books. I propose we all take a moment to write the folks at Crayola, as well as our local government leaders, and demand that plaid be added to the standard crayon lineup without delay, even if that means they have to make some extra room in the box. Who really uses Burnt Sienna anyway?

Illustration courtesy of Antelope Baby Industries.