Friday, December 9, 2011

We have a winner!

Last week as part of our highly popular Reader Challenge series, we asked the Erasable Pen faithful to help us answer a very difficult question: What on earth does Wikipedia programmer Brandon Harris Want?

The results are in and I'm pleased to announce there's a winner amongst us! Drum roll please...

It's our old friend Concrete Tomato! Here's CT's response:
That's a winning response if I've ever seen one. I mean, just think about it. Congratulations CT! You're now the proud owner of a $25 Sam Goody gift card. Good luck using it.

Before we all move on with our lives I'd also like to give props to our runner-up, Aaron, who fell just short of victory. Aaron's answer?

Oh! So close! Keep your chin up son. There's always next time.

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