Monday, December 28, 2009

Reader Challenge: Create an alternate title for Hot Tub Time Machine

Like many Americans, I spent part of my Christmas day at the movies. We decided to see Sherlock Holmes. Pretty decent flick, but what really stuck with me after I left the theater was the preview they showed for the upcoming film Hot Tub Time Machine. Yes, that's the actual title of the movie. Amazing! It sounds so outlandish, but it makes perfect sense. The movie is about a group of dudes who use a hot tub to travel back in time. What other name could you possibly give this thing other than Hot Tub Time Machine? I don't know. I don't even know if I love it or hate it. But that, my friends, is your new assignment. Here's the trailer:

Hey isn't that John Cusack? Well, this is clearly our most difficult Reader Challenge to date. I'll throw a few ideas out here just to get the juices flowing.

Hot Tub Time Machine alternate titles:
  1. Jacuzzi Leap
  2. Rub-a-Dub-DOH!
  3. Drawing a Bath to the Future
Now it's your turn. Please post your ideas in the comments section. Whoever provides the winning entry will receive a six-pack of Diet Rite.


Antelope Baby Industries said...

I can't believe I'm the first to enter!
- Spa and Sauna's Excellent Adventure
- Spa to the Future
- The Hot Tub Effect

Brian Woz said...

-The Brotherhood of the Time Traveling Germ Incubator.

- Dude, Where's My Loofa?

- Oh, Snap!

John E Middleton said...

- Eighty Sixed
- Almost Out of Ideas
- Praisin' the Raisin Maker

Natalie Bohm said...

- The Chlorine Machine
- Turn on the Jets
- Whirlpool Warp
- 105 Degrees

Concrete Tomato said...

"H.G. Wells' The Hot Tub Time Machine".

Question: why doesn't the bear go back to 1986 too?